Young Style Icon: Chuck Bass


Regular readers might remember a derogatory article I penned about the brand Abercrombie & Fitch – the success of which I attributed, partly, to the strength of its presence in the powerful television series that portray the glamorous but tragic lives of American youth; a formula of attraction that captures the imagination of Americana hungry teens worldwide. The ‘dramedy’ fixture appeals, and is therefore marketed, to young girls. … [Read more...]

Review: A Suit That Fits 2


I was a little anxious today, going with my colleague to pick up his suit from A Suit That Fits. Knowing I was going to review the result; knowing that they knew I was going to review the result. Overall, though, the impression was very positive. Much of this is down to my colleague’s build. A rugby player with a big chest and shoulders, he has a rather extreme drop from chest to waist: something like 46 inches down to 36. The standard … [Read more...]

Time to Look ‘Younger Than Springtime’

“Ties and pocket squares.” Click. You know that pocket squares are here to stay when they are treated, not as merely an unusual accessory for the eccentric, but as a natural accompaniment to the necktie; no longer marooned at the bottom of the html page, waiting to be clicked. This revolution, and though a slow one it is still a revolution, means that more and more men are prepared to turn to accessories that were once considered pointless … [Read more...]

Collar Issue – Part 2


Following on from the first article, examining the rarely seen collars, an exercise which attempted to reintroduce those neglected models to the gentlemen of great and grand style who read these pages, we now turn our attention to the other consideration in collar selection; the question of formality. The stiff, starched collars of the early twentieth century, once worn daily by all – men of leisure as well as men of business – began to be … [Read more...]

Sleeve Length, Yes, but Tightness Also


The length of your shirt sleeves is important. At the correct length, they display the slightest strip of linen peeking out at the bottom of your suit sleeves, defining the colours and the shape of each. It is a key locus of style, the display of the deliberate relationship between wool, cotton and leather watch strap. So let’s review the guidelines on length. The suit jacket should fall to your wrist bone; the shirt should fall a little … [Read more...]