Remembering Inspiration from Christmas


Eveningwear is not what it used to be. Had you been a gentleman in the 1930s (the decade when all of today’s traditions and ‘rules’ reached their apex), you would have had several options for what to wear at an evening function – such as a Christmas party. Your closet would have contained a range of outfits for every scale of formality, from that suited to a ball (white tie) through to entertaining friends at home (dinner … [Read more...]

Cad & The Dandy – Part 2: Perfecting the Suit


“Your suit is now in” were the words; from that point, my anticipation was that of a debutante attending her first ball; excitement and wonder in equal measure. It had been some weeks since my fitting, at which I had been questioned, measured and analysed – and at which I had made selections, um’d and ah’d (albeit briefly) and visualised the perfect suit of my imagination. Regular readers will be aware that my first encounter with Cad … [Read more...]

Tips for Steve’s First Visit to the Tailor


A colleague of mine in Hong Kong recently asked to come along when I visited my tailor, Edward Tam. Steve has only just moved to Hong Kong and was interested in a recommendation as well as learning about how the bespoke process works. After the visit, I kept remembering little tips I would have for him when he goes for his first proper session with Edward. For his benefit, and hopefully for yours, here they are. Go to a store … [Read more...]

Collar Issue – Part 1


 Shirt selection is undoubtedly one of the most baffling clothing choices to the merely curious or “just getting into it” clothing aficionados. As soon as you start to take the shirt seriously, as soon as you open your mind to the possibility of variation and alternation, the dazzling prospect of a Jermyn Street afternoon can become a sorry and frustrating experience; if one were interested in price alone, one could choose from several … [Read more...]

Are You Pretentious? Take the Test


On more than one occasion in the past, I have been accused of being pretentious in the way I dress. Presumably, that means those people think I was pretending to be something I was not. Sometimes, whether accused of it or not, that may be true. After all, it is a fear of appearing pretentious or out of place that makes one feel self-conscious about wearing particular items. It is the reason I don’t wear a trilby, braces or a cravat. I’d … [Read more...]