Jeans With A Blazer


A cousin of mine once descended the stairs at the student house in which he lived to smirks and guffaws from his friends who had been impatiently awaiting his arrival, regularly yelling at full, ear splitting volume. They stood confidently, arms folded at the bottom of the stairs; “What the hell is that?” one of them exclaimed. It was not an awkward stain, a rogue dash of unworked hair gel, an unzipped fly or any other form of unintentional … [Read more...]

Sweaters Cannot Be Stylish and Practical


A waistcoat is a practical piece of clothing. It keeps the trunk of your body warm, leaves your arms free and pins your tie in place. A waistcoat is also stylish. It allows for the possibility of different colours underneath a jacket and elongates the silhouette. Unfortunately, a sweater cannot do both. For similar reasons to those explained above, I would argue that the most practical sweater a man can wear with a jacket is a tank top – … [Read more...]

How Charles II Invented The Three-Piece Suit


The restoration of the English monarchy in 1660 was a tricky affair politically. Although parliament proposed bringing back Charles from exile and putting him on the throne, the French splendour (and fashions) with which he was associated were not popular. He had spent part of his exile in France with Louis XIV (the Sun King) who lived in great opulence, and any obvious associations with this in Charles’s dress would not have gone down … [Read more...]

The Rules and How to Break Them. No.5


Rule 5: Double-breasted suits add breadth to a man. They should only be worn by those with slim builds. To reiterate the philosophy behind this series: All rules are there for a reason. They become rules because they have practical advantages. But there’s nothing wrong with breaking them, as long as you understand these practical advantages. A double-breasted suit adds breadth to a man because it creates horizontal lines. Rather than … [Read more...]

Style Icon: Thomas Crown


I was written to recently by a young man who had become interested in my blog but, due to his own admittance of his naivety and insecurity, was unsure that he would represent himself well in, as he put it, such ‘frilly, theatrical garb.’ He was, he wrote, ‘more concerned about what people think…’ Instead of providing what would have been a knee jerk response, damning his insecurity, slapping his proverbial back and sending him off in … [Read more...]