In Defence Of Blake Construction


There’s nothing necessarily wrong with Blake-construction shoes (the method used on all traditional Italian models). They are just more delicate and will not last as long as Goodyear-welted shoes. The same could be said about suits made from super-180s wool or even super-150s. They are lighter, more delicate and possibly more elegant. But they will not last as long as an English tweed suit. I have explained in depth previously what Blake … [Read more...]

Briefcase Worry


Oh dear. Poor Bob Quick. The former ‘terror chief’, a title that has a grim, Orwellian ring to it, was so hand-on-face embarrassed by his blunder (for those unaware, Quick climbed out of a car to attend a meeting in Downing Street, brandishing classified documents in front of many-megapixeled press photographers) that his resignation offer was instantaneous and, though speedy resignation was criticised by some, the magnitude of that single … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Starting A New Job

Zenith: I need to expand my wardrobe for a new job in London. I own a light charcoal, faintly blue-pinstriped French Connection suit, and a solid beige Ted Baker suit, but need:- A traditional navy-blue single-breasted suit- A trusted location to take my existing suits, to be examined and adjusted - A pair of brown shoes to accompany my beige suit- An entire selection of shirts/ties/cufflinks to match my current suits and the third I intend to … [Read more...]

Style Paradigms: Ignore Your Peers

“God, you look like a …” Insert the appropriate style paradigm here. Sailor, English huntsman, City banker, Italian lothario, geography teacher, preppy Ivy Leaguer. This is the reaction you normally get when an outfit has particular connotations for those around you. But it is important to realise that everyone’s connotations are different. You can’t let your dress be driven by the subjective and very local associations of your … [Read more...]

King Of The Dock: Sebago Docksides


Of all the things said about the classic Sebago Dockside deck shoe, frequently casually referred to as ‘Docksiders’, very rarely is it said what a wonderful aesthetic they have. The glowing reports of owners of Docksides are full of meaty, practical words like ‘reliable’, ‘trustworthy’ and ‘comfortable’; the sort of words you associate with a disingenuous advertisement for retail banking. Naturally, they are one of the most … [Read more...]