My Left Foot: An Afternoon At Lodger

Nathan Brown has seen a lot of feet. He has worked at Nike, Adidas and Puma, and now has his own formal-shoe shop, Lodger, just off Savile Row. But my feet still surprised him. I recently tried out the Lodger measuring system, which features a 3D laser scan to build up a virtual model of your foot. You insert your foot into a machine about twice the size of a shoebox, and several little cameras map its contours. That electronic picture is … [Read more...]

Pet Peeves

”There’s nowt so queer as folk” they say. I would disagree – “There’s nowt so queer as trends” I would riposte. For some trends are so inexplicably unattractive, so incredibly low on aesthetic value or grace that their existence is physically shocking. I last wrote of my sartorial prejudice in relation to summer clothing; this ‘outing’ of personal taste (and indeed distaste) has no excuse. It is an outburst, a volcanic eruption, … [Read more...]

Look at Me! I’m a Banker

The G20 has revealed a lot about bankers’ sartorial taste. It has shown uniformity and a complete lack of awareness of what ‘normal’ people wear. As protests were announced for the day before the G20 meeting in London, City workers were warned to “try and look inconspicuous” and “dress down to avoid being targeted as bankers”. Protests were scheduled for everywhere from Grosvenor Square to Canary Wharf, the Bank of England to … [Read more...]

Give That Man a Job

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a gentleman in possession of good style should be in want of an appropriate career. However, it is not always that gentlemen of taste end up in the most fitting positions; some labour away in environments and with schedules that seem inconsistent with their particular perspective on the world. Though he might toil, such toil might seem fruitless and alien. Through his determination and strong … [Read more...]