Reader Question: Taking Pictures To The Tailors


Amrit: Simon,  I am new to your blog but have read your experiences with your Hong Kong tailor with great interest. I really like the double-breated suit by E Tautz in a recent post as well and was wondering to what extent it is advisable to show such pictures of suits you like to tailors The short answer, Amrit, is that it is very helpful but should be no substitute for personal research. A picture is useful because it answers questions … [Read more...]

Style Movie: Coco Avant Chanel


One of the most interesting things about ‘Coco Avant Chanel’ was that for all its triumphant, feminist messages about suffragette-era women, succeeding ‘in a man’s world’, and rejection of conformity (including the institution of marriage), it actually paid peculiar, and not necessarily intentional, homage to the man. Certainly, the ‘beast’ was duly embarrassed; boorish aristocrats proved to be no match for the cutting wit of … [Read more...]

A Brief Visit To Anderson & Sheppard

Anderson & Sheppard sign

In the cutting room at Anderson & Sheppard, under the front table on the right, is a cardboard box with swatches of all the cloths the firm has made up for Prince Charles. It’s secured with two rubber bands; because without them it wouldn’t stay shut. In a way, that is one small illustration of the tailors’ heritage (as well as its client satisfaction). All those patterns, weaves and wools; that have been made into suits, trousers, … [Read more...]

The Coat Project 2


My thanks to all of you that either commented here or emailed me about my decision on the polo coat I am having designed at Graham Browne. The response was fairly unanimous: go for double breasted as it best fits the classic style of the coat, and it won’t look too busy because the full pleat and belt will be the other side to the pockets and double breast. So that’s the final commission. A double-breasted polo coat with raised seams, … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Packing For A Trip


Adam: Can you offer some advice on packing for traveling and extended holidays? I will be on a 10-week holiday in western Europe this late summer-fall. I am at a loss as to how many sport coats, shoes etc I should pack. I know that I will be able to do laundry, which helps with some trousers and shirts. Given your obvious propensity for rigor and depth, the type and degree of information I am looking for would be something like: Can you recommend … [Read more...]