Reader Question: Working In A Bank


Sim, Oxford: I was wondering if you could assist me with your experience regarding sartorial issues, the yays or nays, within banking. I have heard from fellow interns that French-cuff shirts and heavy pinstriped suits should never be worn as they depict status, status an intern does not yet have, and are thus considered a faux-pas by people higher up the chain. Any truth in this and if so, any particular things to avoid? I think the general … [Read more...]

A Rakish Evening At Rubinacci


Last night saw the launch of issue five of The Rake magazine at the London branch of Rubinacci on Mount Street. Copies of the issue, with Luca Rubinacci sitting nonchalantly on the cover, were liberally distributed and a blow-up image of Luca adorned a poster in the corner. In the circumstances he was rather modest, as indeed were father Mariano Rubinacci and his twin sister, all anxious to extend their most generous hospitality to the great, … [Read more...]

How China Changed The Silk Industry


The British silk-weaving industry has changed immensely over the past 50 years. Some can still claim to be among the biggest and best in the world, but many smaller weavers and artisans have gone out of business. The biggest reason for this, of course, is China. But it’s interesting talking to someone in the industry, such as Andrew Henry, sales director at Vanners in Suffolk, about exactly how that industrial behemoth has changed the … [Read more...]

Style City Of Choice

London and New York are under the fashion spotlight at the moment. New York is (at the time of writing) over halfway through their ‘Fashion Week’ now rebranded, rather strangely and confusingly, as ‘Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’ and London’s begins on the 18th with a special menswear day on the 23rd. Whoop-de-do you might say. For what interest could there be in such a vacuous, female-focused, brand driven love-in for the man of style? … [Read more...]

John Lobb: When You Polish Suede


Store managers see some funny things. For every customer that has saved up for six months to afford his first pair of luxury shoes, there is one that orders three more pairs of the black oxfords he already owns. The first will take half an hour of advice and reassurance. The second wants to be in and out in 10 minutes. It is fair to say that the second group is also more likely to know less about their shoes, particularly as regards … [Read more...]