A Hard Hitting Endorsement


I spotted this in the Daily Mail last week. It seems Bermondsey born, WBA Heavyweight World Champion, and all round good egg, David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye is a fan of Nino’s shirts. I think you’d be hard pushed to find a more heavyweight endorsement than that. I mention it because I’ve been singing the praises of Nino Santoro on BespokeMe for years. In fact I think Nino was one of the first interviews I did.  He is what I class as … [Read more...]

Let’s Hear It For Baron Of Piccadilly


If I am ever seen in bookshops, I am often seen flicking through intriguing nostalgia-picturebooks with titles like ‘Old London’ or, less prosaically, ‘Fallen Grandeur.’ I have an extraordinary appetite for discovering the forgotten and long-since demolished; I experience a bizarre thrill, and often a seething rage, when I look over drawings and turn-of-the-century photographs of magnificent stone edifices, some fifteen or twenty years in … [Read more...]

How To Wear A Trilby


It’s not easy wearing a hat. You stand out more in a crowd than a man wearing polka-dot knickerbockers or a cape. The hat radically changes a man’s silhouette, probably more than any other item of clothing. People look at you if you wear a hat. Anyone that is passionate about classic men’s style is probably used to the stares of others. But a (proper) hat draws stares from everyone, everywhere. I bought my first proper hat – a … [Read more...]



The selection of a fine pen is a personal thing. It’s all about balance, feel, taste and your writing style.  But having waxed lyrical about the subject it would be shameful not to let you know my choice. So perhaps I could have entitled this article practising what I preach. There are numerous makers around with varying degrees of pedigree, and you might find it useful to do a little research. My father, from whom I’ve acquired my love … [Read more...]

Final Boots From Cliff Roberts


I have written previously about the boots being made for me by Cliff Roberts, an old hand of Northampton shoemaking who started making his own shoes from his conservatory recently. Well, I finally took delivery of them this past weekend. Cliff was kind enough to bring them down to London personally, partly to compensate for an inability to source a tool for securing the speed hooks, which had delayed the process by a couple of weeks. I was … [Read more...]