A Few of My Favourite Things, Part 2: Taylor of Old Bond Street


This week I popped into Taylor of Old Bond Street for a few Christmas presents. Most men hate shaving, either because of the time consuming monotonous tedium of the act itself, or the inevitable soreness and discomfort afterwards. But, investing in the proper kit can turn it into a pleasurable little morning ritual. A family business originally founded in 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street (now located at 74 Jermyn Street) are specialists in … [Read more...]

Loro Piana Dresses Italians At The Weekend


Recent acquisitions at Loro Piana have led me into a deeper investigation of the brand. Expect a full-length piece on its history, production and craft sometime next year. In the meantime, the good people at LP sent me over the look book of images for Spring/Summer 2010. I’ve often picked this up in the store in previous seasons, as they have a good eye for colour combinations and layering. It is a little, professional glimpse into the … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favourite Things, Part 1


A couple of things that crossed my radar recently and with Christmas around the corner you may even find them helpful. Jaeger Patch Pocket Suit Continuing my patch pocket odyssey, or obsession, depending on your point of view, I found exactly the suit I was looking for courtesy of Jaeger. I found this suit by accident, diving into the shop to get out of a torrential downpour. Trousers and jacket are sold separately, which means you can … [Read more...]

Christmas Presents For Gentlemen


I once accompanied a friend on a shopping trip, at his request, to ease the frustration he experienced when deliberating over clothing choices. Invariably, he informed me, there had always been some partially interested female who would accompany him, their spirits strengthened by the promise of brunch at Le Caprice, to advise on his questions; “Is this too tight?”; “Am I allowed to wear this?”; “Will this look stupid on me?”; “Does … [Read more...]

In Search Of A Raincoat


For the last few years I’ve had the gravest difficulty acquiring a raincoat. It’s possibly the one classic gap in my armoury. In choosing a proper raincoat you have three basic options. Firstly you can go down the Slip-on road. This type is either Raglan or set-in sleeve, straight cut and sits below the knee. Secondly, you have the short Slip-on which is mid calf or just above the knee in length. Finally, you have the Trench Coat; double … [Read more...]