Is That A Real Pocket Watch


“Is that a real pocket watch?” they ask, poking at the chain on my waistcoat. I am always amazed by the reaction – invariably silent surprise – when they discover that I am indeed wearing a real pocket watch. The question ‘why’ often follows the discovery and, though I am loathe to justify my attire to anyone, I am happy to inform the inquirer that I am rather keen on knowing the time. Of course, one does not only wear a pocket … [Read more...] T-Shirts


Some men these days wear little else, but you will rarely find me in a T-shirt. However, if I’m out on the water, on the beach, or relaxing at an informal BBQ – as I will be in New Zealand this Christmas – then you will see me in one, usually under an opened shirt. are my go too people. Indeed, this week Theo and his team have been helping me design a t-shirt as a gift for a friend of mine. T-shirts are either festoon … [Read more...]

Finding A Sponge And Press


Most men destroy their suits by having them dry-cleaned too often. That much is uncontroversial. A high-street dry cleaner will stick your suit in a large drum, soak it with chemicals that spread the dirt around more than they get rid of it, and then put it in a big industrial press – which will stamp it flat, ruining any curve in the shoulders, chest canvas or lapels. The chemicals wear away the cloth, shortening its life. The press forces … [Read more...]

Readers Question: A Perfect Gift


A friend of mine contacted me last week asking for help. She was looking for a Christmas present for her new chap. My advice may prove useful, whether you’re hunting for gifts or not. “Stealth! Help me! I have a new man and I have no idea whatsoever what to get him for Christmas. He's (relatively) stylish, 30, American etc. I want to get him something which isn't completely obvious (no socks, hankies or ties - I think that might be … [Read more...]

Wear A Contrast Tie With A Contrast Collar

A shirt with cuffs and collar (usually white) that are a different colour to the body is not easy to wear well. Sometimes known as a contrast collar, it is more often worn badly than flatteringly. It should be a slightly unusual part of a man’s outfit, rather than something that glares. The key, for me, is to wear it with a tie that is dark enough or colourful enough to push the contrast collar into the background. White collar and cuffs … [Read more...]