New Year’s Resolutions

Another year is drawing to a close. Many people will use the start of the new year as the impetus to resolve to improve their life in some meaningful way. Some common New Year's resolutions include getting fit or losing weight, improving a career, getting out of debt, being more organized and helping others. I would suggest that all of these worthy goals can have some relevance to men's style. This time of year many people resolve to lose … [Read more...]

A Little R & R


This time of year is a puzzling one for dressing. One moment you're loafing about the house, relaxing the waistband after a festive dinner with the family, and the next you're heading out to a holiday party, franticly trying to get those damned trousers to button again. While the later has been written about ad nauseam (by myself amongst others), its the former I want to focus on here. How to dress casually, but elegantly is, I think, the true … [Read more...]

Interview: Adrian Herring Of Herring Shoes


Funny what results from a bet over a dish of fried seaweed; it certainly was in Adrian Herring’s case. Adrian is the man behind Herring Shoes, an online retailer selling some of Northamptonshire’s best known shoemaking brands, including Trickers, Church’s, Cheaney and Loake. In doing so he’s acquired some interesting customers, from Leonardo Dicaprio and business guru Theo Paphitis to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Bath … [Read more...]

Sartorial Stereotypes: Pocket Squares


The Silk Paisley Puff The Silk Paisley Puff man, happily divorced but unhappily retired, still purposefully stalks the corridors of the investment management company he founded more than 33 years ago and for which he accepted, and now regrets, a glittering golden parachute and a token non-executive chairmanship. He divides his time between a Belgravia flat and a ‘small’, Elizabethan manor house in Oxfordshire, where James I allegedly … [Read more...]

How To Get A Dimple


Do you dimple? The dimple just under the tie knot is one of those little details which obsesses sartorialists. Much argued about in the online forums and discussed in literature, it has its advocates and its detractors – the Duke of Windsor being one. Men siding with the late Duke would argue that it looks contrived and smacks of trying too hard. They might also argue that in fact a soft rounded dimple-less knot is harder to achieve – … [Read more...]