A Week Of Extremes: Salvatore Ambrosi And Weadmire.net


Last week was a bit of mixed bag. I was hoping to provide a post on Salvatore Ambrois. If you’re one of those fellows who frequents the London Lounge Salvatore will need little introduction. However, until a few months ago I hadn’t heard of him, but he joined BespokeMe’s Facebook Group and a little research later I soon discovered that Salvatore was something of a legend. He and his father are regarded as amongst the finest bespoke … [Read more...]

Don’t Polish With Too Much Water


Polishing leather shoes up to a brilliant shine is an extremely enjoyable pastime. Nathan Brown over at Lodger always says that one of the problems with being an entrepreneur is that he never gets the time to sit down and polish his shoes any more. George Glasgow at Cleverley has complained to me of the same thing. Lodger’s store manager Clement has the opposite problem: he spends all his time polishing shoes but never his own, just the ones … [Read more...]

Three More Tips On Ties


This post refers to ‘three more tips’ because way back in April 2008 I wrote a post called Two Tips on Ties. I think the alliteration rather pleased me at the time. That was a discussion about the best way to get a nice dimple in a tie knot. And it does work: you just have to create a memory of the fold in the tie’s lining (assuming it is lined). This post is about getting your tie to stand upright in the collar, arching out from the … [Read more...]

Proportions, Loafing And McNairy


We all know that you can play with the cut and styling of clothes to even out your proportions and compensate for mother natures shortcomings. Colours, patterns, styles of jacket, lapel types, collars,  are all the familiar tools, and in case of doubt refer to Nicholas Antongiavanni’s ‘The Suit’. When considering proportion an item often overlooked are shoes. Whether you’re slight of build or quite hefty you’ll always do better to … [Read more...]

Cocktail Cuffs


In Japan they’re known as the James Bond cuff; the Italians refer to them as Portofino; and the English –if they refer to them at all- call them the Cocktail Cuff or the Turnback. You really won’t find very much written about cocktails cuffs, and even less in support. The best Hardy Amies can muster in his ‘ABC of Men’s Fashion’ is to say; “one must recognise and condone the constant tendency towards simplification, and if the … [Read more...]