What’s A Nice Shoe Like You Doing In A Sale Like This


Trawling through the sales at department stores such as Selfridges and Harrods is no happy experience. Harrods is generally unbearable even out-of-season but smack bang in the middle of the January sales it is a tortuous whirligig that manages to make me feel physically ill. If you sell ‘all things for all people’ then you should certainly expect the latter when you offer the former for a greatly reduced price; expect them to push, expect … [Read more...]

Two Questions About Wedding Attire


It must be the season for planning weddings. Not only did one of my best friends get engaged (congratulations Henry) I had two questions this week about what to wear as a groom. KL: Mr Crompton, I'm an avid reader of your blog and I've loved your posts on what to wear to a wedding. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts though if you were the groom at an informal wedding. I've been thinking of a couple of possibilities like a grey 1b peak w/ … [Read more...]

Thoughts on New Zealand


New Zealand is a country with so much to offer, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you visit it at least once. Indeed, my recent second visit left just as profound a mark as my first. However, for all my admiration I think if I lived there I would go off my rocker. Firstly, I didn’t see one attractive woman – other than the one I took with me. Secondly, and most importantly, Kiwi men are utterly unrepentant in their desire to dress badly. … [Read more...]

Book Review: Sharp Suits


Written by veteran menswear journalist Eric Musgrave and featuring a brief but personal foreword from the beau of Savile Row, Richard James, Sharp Suits is a collection of eight separate essays on the suit; each housing a good number of well curated photos illustrating the different guises the man’s suit has taken over the years. The essays (more like categories, really) include the double‐breasted and single-breasted suit as well as suits … [Read more...]

Buy Handmade When It’s Worth It


The fascination with things being made by hand is odd. If I sew a button on by hand, chances are it will be done worse and not last as long as the best machine doing it. This is firstly because I am not very good at sewing on buttons; but secondly and more importantly, it is because a machine will sew more stitches to the inch, so it will be stronger. Purchasers of fine clothes should ask themselves, when presented with something made by hand, … [Read more...]