Men In Style: The Golden Age Of Fashion From Esquire


This book, which I mentioned in a recent post, is rather an inspiration. You know how you flick through men’s magazines, hoping against hope that there will be an inspiring fashion shoot of suits, ties and shirts, demonstrating bold colour combinations you hadn’t considered, illustrating textbook use of pattern density and pushing the boundaries for contrast in texture? Styling that encompasses the rich past of menswear yet enervating it … [Read more...]

Old Before My Time: Sock Suspenders


As a man gets older his tastes and manner are supposed to evolve. And yet, since crashing through the 30 year barrier a while ago (alright, 4 years ago) I’ve noticed a number of alarming trends creeping into my life. Firstly, I seem to need to pee in the middle of the night. Secondly, manoeuvring into a chair I have an inexplicable requirement to make an “Ahh” noise as I touchdown. I’m sat hear writing this on a Saturday night (dear … [Read more...]

Cary Collection: Manhattan Treasure Trove


New Yorkers have mastered the art of living luxuriously in small spaces. Visiting Leonard Logsdail and Stephen Kempson in midtown last week was a good example: you step straight from the elevator into a compact yet very well-appointed tailoring studio, complete with armchairs, drink and racks of cloth. Alan Flusser’s small boutique is similar. But the “bachelor flat/cum showrooms” of Thomas Cary (as he himself described it to me by … [Read more...]

Clothes With (A) Character


One morning, a gentleman by the name of Paul Stuart awoke, put on his navy worsted suit with a solid grenadine tie and brown wingtips, only to find upon arriving at his shop that it had already been opened for the day. Venturing in, he found his son, long gone jet-setting all around the world, waiting for him in a very sharp pinstripe suit and a wild plaid tie at his neck. "Where have you been, and where did you get that suit?" his father quickly … [Read more...]

The Way We Wear Denim


It’s rather uncanny that the garment in a gentleman’s wardrobe that reveals the most about his style progress is the ubiquitous denim jean. As a teen youth, he may have worn them wild and ripped; covered in beer spilled from plastic cups at one of the many gigs he attended. As a young early-twenty-something, he may have ‘upgraded’ to the bootcut style, with the carelessly frayed bottoms, to be worn with his overcoat when at university. He … [Read more...]