Getting the Length Right


Since my first bespoke suit, several years ago, my tastes have evolved through a process of trial and error, making it very clear what suits me and what does not. I found an old Moleskin diary the other day and there, sandwiched between a retrospectively embarassing, studenty attempt at a poem and a rather short and unimaginative list of possible careers upon graduation, I found an interesting entry. It was an bullet-point list (alongside a … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: The Red Trouser


“Oooh! Seasonal!” they cooed on a frosty December morning in the office. Despite the fact that I was wearing about five or six items that could be labelled as ‘seasonal’ – including a sensible scarf and a warm hat - it was somehow predictable that my colleagues eyes should be drawn to my Santa-red trousers that poked out from the hem of my checked overcoat. Further comments about St Nicholas, grimly expected and consequently lacking in … [Read more...]

Portland General Store


As I made clear recently, I’m on something of a scented odyssey. It has turned out to be a rather interesting journey. I received a tip off about a little known and sparsely available range of products and scents called Portland General Store. Founded in 2007 all the products are handmade in the state of Maine. Entitled Whisky, Tobacco, and Palo Santo the product range features stripped down splash colognes, aftershaves, Eau de toilettes, … [Read more...]

Leffot: A Sign Of US Shoe Trends


In New York this week, and I popped in to see my good friend Steven Taffel, founder of Leffot – far and away the best shoe store in the city. In fact probably anywhere in the US outside Hawaii (the competition there being Leather Soul). Since Steven and I first met, it’s been interesting to see the growth of both our blogs. While they have very different natures (Steven’s being a commercial venture to create interest in the store), the … [Read more...]

The Perfect Boxer Short

Any chap who has manned-up and bought underwear for his girlfriend understands all too well the myriad of pitfalls that lay in wait. For example, when asked “what cup size sir?” the reply “roughly a handful” won’t get you far. Underwear stands testament to the unquantifiable differences between the two sexes. The boxer short, by comparison, is reassuringly straightforward and simple, just like us men. That is until you delve a little … [Read more...]