What’ll It Be Sir, Patterned Or Plain?

One of my elderly relatives gave me some excellent advice in relation to ties; “The misconception” he said “is that ties need only complement the shirt, not the suit.” He advocated that shirt, tie and suit needed to be considered alongside each other to achieve the most satisfactory results. “A suit” he continued “is not an overcoat – it’s not just something you throw on to keep warm.” Flow and harmony is paramount when … [Read more...]

The Humble Pocket Square


It has always struck me as odd how something as small and innocuous as the pocket square polarises opinion. Oft-maligned, I think this fairly esoteric accessory deserves a little more respect. The problem – as with so many less commonly worn items – is that, on the few occasions when one is worn, it is worn egregiously thus tarnishing quite undeservedly its image. A simple Google search suffices to make this point. Before us we observe a … [Read more...]

The Politics Of Dress


One of the many things for which President Obama has received praise is his dress sense. Sadly, that is not something any of the Prime Ministerial hopefuls in the UK General Election will have to endure. It seems that in modern British politics there is no place for style, flair, individuality or even quality. The requirement is to dress like a high–street bank manager, as the recent leadership debate highlighted beautifully. Standard issue … [Read more...]

Rare Moment: Horizontally Striped Suit


One of the joys of bespoke clothing is the opportunity to do something truly individual, even original. When I once commissioned a shirt, I relished the opportunity of ordering a horizontally striped shirt – an eyecatching rarity these days – as I had always liked the idea of a ‘hooped’ chest and had begun to appreciate uncommon aesthetics in reaction to the dull uniformity I bear witness to each and every day. I had always thought that … [Read more...]

Too Much of A Good Thing


As I write this I’m listening to Dean Martin; as a rule I’ll quite happily drink cocktails with dinner; I read books on the Rat Pack and Sixties film icons; my favourite song is ‘Come Fly with Me’, sung of course by Frank Sinatra; my dream car is the Jaguar E-Type and don’t even get me started on Mad Men.  So you could say I’m a man with a long and ingrained appreciation for that age of manliness, the early 1960’s. A few years … [Read more...]