Sprezzatura Revisited


There is always much talk of sprezzatura and affected nonchalance in men's dressing and style, and has been for at least some 500 odd years or so. Too often though, all that is said is "looking nonchalant is important," "try hard, but don't look like you are," or "here are ways a few distinguished gentlemen did things differently," and when more is added, it is often secondary to these common assertions. That said, I am certainly not suggesting … [Read more...]

Taking The Plunge


Currently the UK is in the grip of a general election. I say grip, it’s more of a weak handshake. You may know that I am a part-time scribbler and hobby-ist on matters clothing and dress. My day job is a researcher to an MP, and whoever wins the election the time is fast approaching when I shall have to seek a new career path. As my last post made clear I’m more interested in product than dispensing advice, so I doubt scribbling full time … [Read more...]

Brand Review: Herring Shoes


Buying ‘blind’ is not a pursuit for the faint of heart. In online shopping terms, there are degrees of ‘blindness’ – varying levels of knowledge about the product to be purchased that assure the purchaser. The best situation to be in is to be purchasing a product, say a pair of shoes, that you have already seen ‘in the flesh’ as it were; you know what the product looks like to the naked eye, so the pictures online need not be pored … [Read more...]

A Question Of Taste


Last week on my post about Carreducker shoes someone left a comment asking if I actually liked the half-cuts I’d pictured. One of the interesting things about writing articles for Mensflair is how it forces you to bet on your own head, by putting your own sartorial assumptions on the line. Often you’re only ever able to offer a part explanation. With regards to the question posed, my answer was an unequivocal yes. While grounded in British … [Read more...]

Cutting it Close


Men have been shaving for thousands of years, using everything from seashells, to sharpened rocks, and eventually metal tools. These metal tools changed many times over, but the modern Double Edge (DE or Safety) Razor was developed and introduced to the market by King Camp Gillette in 1901. Before this, there had been various attempts at alternatives to the straight razor, but they were largely unsuccessful. Until the cartridge razors of the … [Read more...]