The Little Luxuries – A Dressing Gown


“We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” – Oscar Wilde While many things one enjoys may seem like frivolous luxuries, sometimes they are much more indispensable than we give them credit for. In an age of increased efficiency and constant connectivity, things which are truly personal and indulgent sometimes become what we really need to stay sane. And this doesn't mean they need be expensive - just important … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: Leather Sandals


Completing a summer holiday booking is a great relief. Despite the damage to the bank account, the troublesome process of coordinating flights and hotel availability is so vexing that when it ends, a weight is lifted and a face once contorted with anxiety becomes a visage of contented peace. That is until the holiday approaches and then a new apprehension takes hold; “Do I have everything I need?” It is the fear of being ‘caught out’ of … [Read more...]

‘Luxury’ Luggage


Andrew’s recent article on branding awakened a frustration within me that I had long concealed. As a successfully detoxed label-hunter I know full well the apparent attractions of wearing other’s brands; my previous naïveté in this regard is somewhat embarrassing and consistently mystifying. When I rifle through old collections of sweaters at home I cannot comprehend why I purchased so many with emblazoned brands. I remember my mother … [Read more...]

In Search Of A Buck


The English summer has finally arrived and that means it is safe to bring out the white nubucks – or rather it would be if I could get hold of a pair. The white buck is a classic item of Americana in my view, with a versatility in direct contrast to it’s relative impracticality – for those of us whose summers are often rain filled. But weather aside, they provide an alternative to loafers when dressing down a linen jacket and a more … [Read more...]

This Summer I Won’t Be Wearing…Printed T-Shirts


The chilly start to the spring has passed. As fleeting, and as irritating and inconvenient, as an Icelandic ash cloud, the complaints of an overcoat April seem a long time ago in the familiar warmth of mid May. Suddenly, the trenches, hefty cardigans and scarves have all gone; in the bright sunshine and gentle breeze, women flit around in blouses, slub silk Capri pants and pastel skirts. Men, feeling the heat at last, walk to and from work in … [Read more...]