Returning To Some Old Themes


I recently wrote about the persistent problem I have formally dressing a blazer  – an odd admission but if you read the article you’ll see where I’m coming from. I ought to thank those who left comments, although the one about losing weight while honest wasn’t necessarily as welcome. Well, these two shirts from Stephan Haroutunian are an attempt to deal with that problem. I happen to think that ginghams and checks are a … [Read more...]

The Inelegance Of Travel


This past week I traveled home from University, and must say I was more than a bit appalled by what I saw in the airports and on the planes. Now this was no long trek - a simple hour and a half flight, followed by a short thirty minute connecting flight with just an hour layover in between. Should be uneventful, right? Obviously I was not alive during the glory days of truly elegant travel, with its beautiful trunks, well appointed train cars, … [Read more...]

The Unusual Tie


My father constantly told me never to purchase a polyester tie. Every time I picked up a promising cheapy, he would look at the label and point to the tiny and disappointing print; “Look; 100% polyester! I wouldn’t buy that.”  It was always thus; I would fall in love with a tie and, hearing my father’s voice, I would search through the tie’s lining for the little white labels. It wasn’t until I had amassed a collection of good silks, … [Read more...]

Rare Moment: The Open Double Breasted


Double breasted suits, for so long forgotten and marooned in dim and dusty menswear shops in Eastbourne, have made a remarkable return. They were hot in last year’s collections and their introduction to the high street has had a significant impact; enquiries about tailor-made DBs have increased.  Naturally, with such a high profile renaissance comes a predictable invective – “DBs are finished”; “DBs are for portly middle-class … [Read more...]

Dress Code: The Royal Enclosure


I’ve just had confirmation on my tickets for this year’s Royal Ascot, one of the great horse racing events in the flat season. Our Royal Enclosure tickets will mean hiring a morning suit and top hat. This strict dress code may appear to leave you little room for individuality or possibility for error, but there are mistakes to be made, and plenty of people make them. Firstly you have a choice of four types of morning dress; first, a … [Read more...]