Blast From The Past


For me, history is one of the most important and meaningful benefits of existing. There is a lot of idiotic tripe spoken about the Past, Present and Future as though the latter two were as distinct from each other as they are from the former; in reality, the only Future we know is the immediate Present. The Future is not predestined. We don’t have to ‘wait until it comes around’ like some kind of vessel of Time. It happens with every … [Read more...]

Across The Pond: Adrian Jules


As you’ll know if you occasionally cross the ether to BespokeMe, my main preoccupation is London’s hidden gems and lesser known retailers. However, my curiosity and love of finding interesting and anonymous sources extends further than the shores of England. Other than reading blogs based abroad, I occasionally receive press releases and unsolicited info about foreign merchants – occupational hazard once you start writing a blog. For the … [Read more...]

The Belted Cardigan


“If there’s one thing that women find unattractive”, so I have been told, “it’s seeing the vanity of women reflected in men.” Women are apparently happy to admit their own vanity. After all, they claim quite correctly, it’s hardly their fault. For the fairer sex know full well that they are continually judged on the way they look, the way they appeal to the male. What truly irks them is when men enter their domain; “Babe, can I … [Read more...]

Forgotten: The White Jacket


If there is one aesthetic I have no interest or skill in adapting it is that of the 1970s Martini Cinzano man. The gigantic open collar, the hideous golden necklace resting in the unspeakable mound of chest hair and the tacky pastel suits; I find it all disturbingly ugly. Naturally, I recoil from anything that I see that indicates such an aesthetic – including items in my own wardrobe. A recent wardrobe carousel revealed to me my collection of … [Read more...]

On My Soapbox: Over-Branding


The failure of the UK’s summer to get off the launch-pad required that I buy a mid-weight coat on Saturday. I selected a rather nice heavy twill cotton Pea Coat from UK retailer Jaeger. I loved the design and the price was right. However, what wasn’t so agreeable was the additional £20 I had to spend on replacement buttons – that’s not including labour. Sadly, Jaeger had done what so many brands appear to be doing, which was to over … [Read more...]