The Unstructured Jacket


When friends of mine ask advice about whether to buy off-the-rack or made-to-measure, my first question is always what they want, and expect, to get out of a made-to-measure suit. Invariably, they respond that they want their suit to ‘look’ tailored. Nice materials, buttoning cuffs and other details are ‘also rans’; the vital point is that the suit should appear that it was made for them. When I ask what they expect from an … [Read more...]

Why Do Some Brands Pass You Buy: John Smedley


As far as the Chief Whip is concerned, for the last four weeks I’ve been dutifully pounding the pavement, kissing babies, shaking hands and expounding policy details, all in the name of getting elected. Truth is, despite a lot of that, I also managed a little jolly on route. If you’re one of the many readers of Mensflair that writes their own blog, you’ll know that for the most part it is a thankless task – those who don’t you’ll … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Contrast


I never expect anyone to follow my advice. I am one of those people who is confident in dispensing opinion but cynical as to its interpretation and use; I always feel that the majority of people will forget or dismiss what I say as madness or inconsequential. It is not because I do not trust or respect other people, it is simply that sometimes I feel as if I am wandering around in my own little world, firing blobs of advice into Reality that … [Read more...]

The Impact of Technology


The UK’s general Election has so far had me travelling back and forth to my boss’s constituency, and tramping the pavements of London. All this travelling has forced me to look again at my travelling kit, or rather the means of transporting the daily inventory of needful things. When I wrote about Pens a while back I suggested that men were allowed certain accessories, namely; a watch; cuff links; a tie clip; belt or braces; and a wallet. … [Read more...]

Brand Review: Uniqlo


I was greatly saddened to see the decline of Waterstone’s on Oxford Street. Though there was still a mighty flagship a few hundred meters away on Piccadilly, the loss of a bookshop on such a famous avenue of acquisition was unnerving; ‘No more books on Oxford Street’ I mused, wistfully. In actual fact, this maudlin assumption was incorrect. Waterstone’s had simply downsized and moved further west; their smaller Oxford Street berth is now … [Read more...]