A Shoe That Fits


When it comes to my taste in clothes I’m a bit of a pirate. No, I haven’t just fessed-up to some nautical fetish. What I mean is that I tend not to swallow whole any one look. Instead I merely pick off the choicest pieces. As such I have a broad appreciation of many eras and styles, all of which provide inspiration. As you may remember I’m thinking of setting up my own label, and that’s how these shoes fit into the … [Read more...]

Nantucket Reds


When I skimmed through a comment on my blog, asking me my knowledge of ‘Nantucket Reds’, I initially thought I was being asked a question about an American sports team. Realising that this regular reader could not have mistaken me for a baseball pundit, I read more closely and saw that Nantucket Reds are actually a style of trouser, worn in the summer, predominantly by residents of the affluent, picture-perfect islands of Nantucket and … [Read more...]

Lazy In Linen


One of the problems I face with summer dressing is finding a suitable drapey replacement for flannel and worsted trousers. I personally like my trousers with a nice drape, especially since because I have a more prominent posterior, trousers that hang rather than hug are both more flattering and more comfortable. Enter the linen trouser. Chinos, while suitable to my being American, and great for just kicking around, lack that smooth line I so … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate Rolled Up Sleeves


They were sniggering as I strolled up. The sort of mischievous, playground sniggering that does not befit men of the age of twenty seven. The darting glances as I approached, the little whispers; they looked me up and down, somewhat perturbed by my appearance. These were chaps (and chapettes) I knew well and yet they were reacting in a very particular way. After an embarrassing handshake or two, one of them blurted out; “Why are your jacket … [Read more...]

The John Smedley Factory


John Smedley have been producing ‘Made in England’ luxury knitwear for over 8 generations, and count Her Majesty the Queen amongst their illustrious but discrete cliental. As I pointed out recently, I’m something of a late convert to John Smedley’s beautiful knitwear. So when last week I was invited to tour the factory it seemed an opportunity too good to pass up. Far from the dark satanic mills of which William Blake wrote, … [Read more...]