The Power Of Three


I was recently asked by an inquisitive young man whether I followed the three colour rule. Remembering vaguely an argument I had pursued some time ago with an acquaintance about a similar issue, I calmly asked what three colour rule he was referring to. Surprised at my apparent lack of knowledge he chivvied me on; “You know, that you shouldn’t wear more than three colours at any one time. No?” I nodded and changed the subject. I did so … [Read more...]

On My Soapbox: Summer Footwear


I’ve said it many times, but I am really not a fan of summer fashions. Sadly, most men seem to regard summer as an opportunity to forgo all sartorial standards by donning grotty shorts and assorted dirty collarless T-shirts. Two items of summer apparel I’d single out for pent-up ire and vented spleen are sandals and flip-flops (jandals/ thongs if you’re antipodean). Both items seem to have become acceptable street wear, and now that … [Read more...]

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection


It may seem odd to some that one of the most noticeable symbols of the most high profile racquet sports tournament in the world is a polo pony. Ralph Lauren, celebrating its fifth year of kitting out the court at Wimbledon, would contend that the eponymous logo is not a representation of the sport it depicts but merely a recognisable icon of its own brand, a brand which has dominated the high American aesthetic for decades; a multi-billion dollar … [Read more...]

The Other Retro Luggage Brands


“Oh what’s it called?” the man asks smiling, turning to his Vogue reading wife as they stand somewhat disconsolately awaiting their luggage on the carousel, seeing a bright red case with brown leather straps and corner caps – the veritable sore thumb of modern luggage – drift past. They were sure they’d seen the name somewhere; horses came into mind for some reason. “You know darling, everyone’s got one. Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl. … [Read more...]

Reader’s Question: Where To Hire Quality


“I recently read an article of yours on regarding dress for Ascot, and thought you could help me with a little bit of a problem I have. I live in NYC, and am coming back over to London for a friend's wedding soon.  The dress I require is a morning suit.  The only choice I have found here in NY is one of exceptionally poor quality and since your article referenced renting a morning suit, I wondered if you have any … [Read more...]