Brand Review: Moss Bros


“Sell only the best stuff, give only the best service.” These were the words of Moses Moses, the founder of Moss Bros, who opened a second hand clothing store in 1851 amongst the cabbage leaves and trodden petals of Covent Garden market. Such a store is anathema to the 21st century’s comprehension of ‘olde worlde’ retailing for when we imagine a past this distant, we imagine only the romantic, novelized circumstances of those at the top … [Read more...]

Summer Is Here


There are certain things that to me signify summer has arrived. The weather, obviously, is a pretty big one. But it really hits home when I start to see that favourite clothing combination of mine, the blue cotton jacket with white/off-white cotton trousers (read jeans and chinos). Whether you pick white or off white is, I believe, a matter of location. You’ll rarely see an Englishman in white trousers, whereas on the continent, in my … [Read more...]

Cad & The Dandy Full London Bespoke: Fitting


My return visit to Cad & the Dandy for the second fitting was conducted on one of the warmest days of the year. The thought of slipping into a woollen suit, no matter how beautifully made, was unconscionable. I wandered past the Bank of England, the Royal Exchange and the sweaty mass of jacketless City boys into the charming, Dickensian side alley where C&D occupy a small berth. Too small, it would seem, for their current levels of … [Read more...]

Driving Me Crazy


Well after a week in London, it finally happened: a day with no rain. And, as you of course know, that means new shoe day. I have a pair of driving loafers I got at the end of last summer during the sales that I have patiently sat on for almost 9 months now, and today was finally the day. They left their box, their dustbags, and their fresh, unsoiled form behind in favor of my feet and some dry asphalt. And I'd like to think they couldn't be … [Read more...]

A Walk On The Wild Side: Archer Adams


If you regularly follow my column (and well done you for persevering) you’ll have noticed that I’m a classic dresser for the most part, but occasionally I like to wander off the reservation in search of originality, diversity, and individuality. Of course what constitutes these things is a matter of personal taste. My last pick of the Carreducker Half-Cuts was not universally received with enthusiasm. Of course there are many purveyors … [Read more...]