Old Hat


I recently wrote that I was off to Royal Ascot this year and in need of morning tails. In fact I’ve hired the jacket and trouser but what I looking to buy was a double breasted buff waistcoat. In just such a circumstance many London men head to David Saxby’s shop Old Hat. A wonderful vintage emporium located in Fulham, just across Putney Bridge, it’s renowned for high quality vintage evening dress and formal wear. They also have an … [Read more...]

Stylish Beach Towels


“Aaah!” the gentleman exhales with relief “beach life!” He lays himself on the golden sand, glistening from his brief dip in the chilly, turquoise waters, the sound of which he now conceals with a carefully selected playlist, largely populated with Bob Marley favourites. The sun bakes his skin and he smiles, in genuine satisfaction; by the time of his return to a cloudy mother nation, he will be able to crack smiles and admiring glances … [Read more...]

On My Soap Box: Cutesy Ties


To avoid repeating things already said I recently flick through some past articles by fellow columnists. I was particularly struck by Winston’s harangue of men who wear Printed T-shirts. I have some sympathy for his point of view, but it would be hypocritical of me to fully endorse his stance given I have previously championed, and still do, London based Weadmire.net. However, it did bring to the surface my own latent hatred for one item … [Read more...]

No More Excuses


I cannot help but feel utter dismay when a chap provides a feeble excuse. For one thing, chaps who do nothing but excuse themselves are generally excused the courtesy of being referred to as a gentleman; a gentleman is not a soppy avoidance artiste, a blamer, a finger pointer or a self-indulgent weeper. In relation to clothing, this ‘I am excused’ culture is particularly annoying. For every man who ticks me off for being an overdressed … [Read more...]

Mogador Ties


The weekend just gone was a bank holiday here in the UK, which means a 3 day weekend. Normally that would mean taking the girlfriend away, or at least some kind of expedition. However, having rocked a fat one Friday night I really wasn’t up for anything adventurous. So what does a chap do when feeling a little worse for wear? He surfs the net for ties of course. In particular I was looking for Mogador ties. Two things became apparent very … [Read more...]