Put Your Stunner Shades On


Sunglasses have got to be one of the quintessential masculine accessories. This may sound like a bold statement, but it's one that I think is justified. Also, unlike many other articles, even "fashionable" sunglasses tend to be more classic. While women's sunglasses walk more on the wild side, men's frames even at their trendiest are usually classically inspired. For my money, there are really only a handful of shapes and sizes a man needs to … [Read more...]

The Right Short Sleeved Shirt


My recent article on the Sartorial Love/Hate of rolled up jacket sleeves caused some decent debate about the practice. It also inspired some thought on rolled up shirt sleeves to which I pinned my colours of allegiance, at the expense of short sleeved shirts. A friend of mine noted this and asked, rather touchingly, what I had against the poor old short sleeve. I assured him it is neither the sleeve, nor even the shirt that I object to but the … [Read more...]

Vintage Goodwood


There are three things that separate man from the beasts in my view: the gift of speech, opposable thumbs and dressing for dinner. Sadly there are fewer and fewer opportunities for men to dress up and which require of them any effort. I realise I’m preaching to the converted here, but just why so many men have willingly un-evolved to the point where even T-shirt and jeans are common place attire for dining out, a night at the theatre or … [Read more...]

The Velvet Bow Tie


The duty of wearing black tie is avoiding individualism; refinement is permitted, adornment ill-advised. Most men are not interested in adornment, so the act of wearing what every other man is wearing is actually rather comforting to the majority. As fussy and funny as the ‘t-shirt and shorts’ man might think black tie, when he sees everyone else is so attired, he relaxes into the evening, safe in the knowledge that the oddity he frowned upon … [Read more...]

Ettinger Of London


The prestigious car maker Bentley isn’t known for loaning its name willy-nilly, neither does the Prince of Wales his Royal Warrant. So a company that is afforded both must be pretty special. Despite these accomplishments, and the fact that they are one of the last hand crafted leather goods makers left in England, you still may not have heard of Ettinger. And that, curiously, is also what makes them so special. Started over 70 years … [Read more...]