Welted -Vs- Blake Stitched Shoes


Nothing bites like unfulfilled desire... Few things occupy as much debating time as the topic of Welted shoes vs Blake constructed. As an Englishman it is perhaps natural that I should find comfort in the former and look down my patrician proboscis at the latter. To Italian readers this may seem entirely irrational, being quick to point out there are some very well made Blake constructed shoes, and some indifferent Goodyear Welted footwear … [Read more...]

The Pastel Suit


Men no longer possess the confidence to wear the pastel suit. Even in this post-metrosexual era of peacock tolerance, strutting up to a summer party in a pale blue, yellow or pink suit takes more than ballsy bravado. Wear a candy pink pocket square and those walking past you might notice and turn their head briefly; wear a full suit of that colour and the crowds will part like the Red Sea as you stride through, blushing to match your attire. You … [Read more...]

A Fine Line Between Classic Style and Retro Caricature

As the current readers of my blog, A Southern Gentleman, already know, and as my new readers here on MensFlair may soon discover, I am a proponent of classic men's style. One may trace the roots of most of the best elements of male attire to the first half of the 20th Century, sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age of Style.” I do not mean to romanticize that era or suggest that it represents some utopia of male sartorial splendor. But it … [Read more...]

Stripes And Dots, Checks And Spots


To follow my fellow columnists, Mr. Williams and Mr. Chesterfield, I thought I would write on wearing patterns this week. Going into work on the tube, I have seen some men lately wearing some truly hideous shirt and tie combinations. A yellowy-beige shirt with a tie featuring a large graphic of a puffer-fish will flatter no man, and rather than making him look like a fun sort of guy just makes him look like the butt of his own joke. For me, … [Read more...]

The Suit Wallet


“Do you put that in your pocket?” the tailor said, handling my knobbly crocodile-skin folding wallet. He seemed surprised, and ever so slightly disappointed. “No” I responded “I usually put my wallet inside my bag, or my back trouser pocket.” Shaking his head at my custom, he reached inside his own suit and slapped down his own wallet on the piles of swatches; “That’s what you want. Made for a suit, that.” I opened this … [Read more...]