Sartorial Love/Hate: Braces


An elderly acquaintance of mine once commented on my use of a belt with my suit trousers. “Do you need that thing there or is it for show?” I gave him a rather awkward, sideways look; “No” I said “I need it. It’s not just for show.” He leaned over, smiled insidiously, opened his jacket and fingered a pair of natty braces; “You need to get yourself a pair of these, young man.” That was many moons ago, when I was still … [Read more...]

Stressing Before The Big Day Or What I Wore For My Wedding


In June of 2007, I was struck by the cupid’s arrow and “big day” was set for June 19, 2010. My future wife’s continuous planning of her wedding outfit and my busy work schedule caused me no time to think about my ensemble. As a result, with a little over than a month before the wedding day, I did not have a wedding suit. And so, the search began. Lack of time, however, meant that a MTM suit was out of question and I had to proceed with a … [Read more...]

The Long And The Short Of It – Neckerchiefs


I was interested to read Andrew Hodges recent post on Cary Grant and his appearance in the film ‘To Catch a Thief’. Of all the iconic looks in that film, the one most frequently referred to is that of Grant in a crew neck blue and white striped Breton and sporting a foulard neckerchief. If there is one thing I share in common with Cary Grant, and I’m sorry to say there is only one thing, it is having to pay particular attention to our … [Read more...]

What? No Tie?


Wearing a tie out of choice can provoke some interesting commentary. People tend to nod approvingly, make pleasant-but-commonplace remarks about smartness and pay the neckwear more attention than it deserves, but importantly they place so much consequence on its appearance in an environment in which it is entirely unnecessary, much as an open neck wing-collar would attract attention at a Viennese ball, that they chain you to your choice from the … [Read more...]

The Wristwatch Is Dead

A man who is concerned about portraying a look of understated elegance has very few options when it comes to jewelry. He may choose to wear a ring, cufflinks, a wristwatch, or maybe a tie bar or collar bar. But I fear that the wristwatch, one of the more beautiful and interesting items of male adornment, is dying a slow death. I predict that one day soon the wristwatch will be viewed as quaint and old-fashioned, the same as a pocket watch is seen … [Read more...]