Mr Gucci Goes To Washington


Capitol Hill is not the first place you’d associate with a scion of a Florentine luxury goods empire. And yet this is where Giorgio Gucci, heir to the Gucci fortune, was to be found attending a forum discussion on the issue of intellectual property rights in the fashion industry with US government bigwigs. Unfortunately for Signor Gucci, his luggage had gone missing; whilst US Airways scrambled around in an attempt to locate it he was forced to … [Read more...]

Suit Shoulders: The Rope Shoulder And Pagoda


The shoulders make a suit in my view. It is from them that all other things hang. They set the parameters for the drape and the silhouette, and nothing gives away a cheap suit more than a poor fitting shoulder. But I’ve always trouble with the shoulders, even good off the peg suits had provided mixed results. Being slightly pair shaped I’ve often found regular padded suit shoulders a little too broad. Adding to this a 42 inch chest and … [Read more...]

Needful Things Part II


Continuing from where I left off last time, here are a few more of my planed purchases and looks for the two seasons ahead. Jean Jacket and Colourful Plaid I make no apology; I’m ripping off the look of the chap above. This caught my eye a while back when I wrote about my desire for a jean jacket. I’ve made my choice with regards the jacket, and now I’m looking to play with the look. I’ll be trying the jacket out with black … [Read more...]

The Old Favourite: The Barbour


I never really knew why but buying a Barbour jacket was not so much a choice as inevitability as far as I was concerned; it was always a case of when, never if. The Barbour I own, a green Beaufort, doesn’t even get much use. I don’t wear it much in town and the few occasions on which I venture into the country, only a handful require its deployment. Having grown up surrounded by woods and fields, I saw a great many Barbours on the country … [Read more...]

Needful Things


Thank God; autumn has arrived. The autumn and winter seasons are, in terms of clothing, my favourite. I have no end of trouble dressing well for summer, and every year I never cease to be disappointed by what retailers have to offer. The next two seasons open up heavy fabrics and chunky knits, opportunities for layering and experimentation. Having enjoyed a few previews of what’s on its way there are some fine pieces hitting the shops. … [Read more...]