Men On A Mission: The Perfect Button Down Oxford


As I’ve mentioned before I’m looking to produce clothes under my own label. Based on my own personal philosophy, wants, needs and desires, after years of writing about other people’s clothes I reckon I’ve learnt enough to make a go of it. I’ve already highlighted a couple of pairs of shoes I want to offer, if I can find a manufacturer willing to make them up. There will be other bits too; for one, I want to offer a few shirts, … [Read more...]

The Camel Coat


I wandered into Zara recently to have a mooch around. It’s not a store in which I seek inspiration but for some reason, inspiration seems to creep up and bang me on the head rather often. Exactly two years ago, while on holiday, I purchased a charming check coat from the Lisbon branch. Exactly a year later, my eye was caught by a rather splendid deep blue coat and the other day, not expecting to see anything of interest, I winced – in the … [Read more...]

Online Shirt Experiment and Review [Part Three]

I have received the shirts that in early August I ordered online from Cottonwork, Modern Tailor and My Tailor. The package from Modern Tailor arrived on August 12, a mere twelve days after my order. The Cottonwork package arrived on August 16, only thirteen days after my order. My Tailor was the slowest; that package arrived on September 2, about a month after I placed my order. As long as the shirts arrive safely I suppose packaging is … [Read more...]

Bespoke Morning Dress Part Two


When a tailor is genuinely satisfied with his work, you can be sure of your own satisfaction. As Russell smoothed the deep blue herringbone tails of both my groom-to-be brother and my father, he uttered the same words; “I’m really pleased with that.” Though not surprised – for who could be surprised at their own handiwork? – Russell’s glee seemed to indicate that he was tickled by the result. There is evidently more to his job … [Read more...]

Ode To The Loafer


While my taste usually remains somewhere under the large umbrella of "classic style," whatever that means, I am prone to having "moments" if you will. For a period of time, I get extremely devoted to a specific garment or style, and tend to incorporate it almost daily in whatever else I feel like wearing. I'll go months without touching a shoe that isn't black, weeks wearing only blue patterned shirts, or in the other direction, periods of time … [Read more...]