Wall Street II


This week the long awaited Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps hit the big screen. With Michael Douglas reprising the role of anti-hero Gordon Gekko, the ruthless, street-fighting financier, it promises much. As the original remains one of my favourite films I sincerely hope it delivers. The original Wall Street defined a decade, Thatcherism and Raganomics both. For years strutting peacocks in the city expounded “lunch is for wimps” and … [Read more...]

Book Review: Style & The Man


Alan Flusser recently released an updated and abridged version of his Style and the Man.  The book was originally published in 1996 and included now-outdated advice on specific locations to purchase men's clothing and accessories around the world.  The shopping guide has been eliminated from this new version and what remains has been updated for 2010.  The stated purpose of the book is to offer the male clothing shopper “some insight into … [Read more...]

Why Tailors Should Dominate Fashion Week


If London ever needed a reminder of how it lags behind the fashion powerhouses of Milan and Paris, the departure of the most influential names before the close of fashion week was surely it. Before the curtain had even been raised on the men’s show, most of the international editors were on a plane to northern Italy. It must have been a sore moment for those who had spent the year planning their shows; as much as Matthew Williamson might … [Read more...]

Shirt Pockets


I’ve recently been wrestling with the issue of shirt pockets. There does seem to be something of a transatlantic divide on this issue. Reading most of the forum chit chat, Uncle Sam’s men seem in the majority to favour breast pockets, while Europeans and particularly Englishmen abstain. Like many things in the world of menswear there is a certain amount of silliness and snobbery to endure on the issue – in the main focussed against those … [Read more...]