On the Radar: Otis Batterbee, London


As you’ll know the tag line at the bottom of my articles is the slightly pretentious “style is a frame of mind, not just a state of dress”. Pretentious though it may be, I actually believe it and live by it. It’s about the way you dress, behave and treat people; it’s making an effort in all things and never forgetting the devil is in the detail. This week I came across an interesting and relatively new English brand which very much fits … [Read more...]

Online Shirt Experiment and Review [Part Four]

Back in August and September I wrote about my experience ordering dress shirts online from Cottonwork, My Tailor and Modern Tailor. I am writing this follow-up article now that I've had a chance to launder and wear the shirts a few times over the past two months. Starting with Cottonwork, you may recall that I liked their website, was impressed with their customer service, and was satisfied with the fit of the shirt I ordered. However, I was … [Read more...]

Perpendicular And Parallel

Honoré de Balzac once wrote "Carelessness in dressing is moral suicide," but we know that if carelessness is the number one sin, a bit too much carefulness is not far behind. There are the two ever-present opposite concerns of looking disjointed or ill-conceived and appearing a mannequin with everything matched to a fault. The key, as with all things menswear (and truly all things in life) is balance. Now, don't get ahead of me and think I'm … [Read more...]

The Story Of The City Tailor


“We’re just a City tailor” are not words of explanation or excuse but admirable, although unnecessary, humility.  The craft of a good number of City tailors is good enough to rival that of a whole mass of world tailors – many of whom would never cede to such self-deprecation -  but the reality of the Square Mile Sinbads is that they live in the great shadow of a little Mayfair street known as Savile Row. I know several tailoring … [Read more...]

Beyond London: Bivolino Shirts And Debenhams


When I left rural Norfolk and came to London to attend university my eyes were opened. I remember the first time I realised there were actually entire streets dedicated to tailors and shirts makers. At the time their names were alien to me. Today I can’t imagine not having these retailers at my disposal. But of course the majority of people don’t live in London, and when talking about clothing and tailoring it’s all too easy to fall into a … [Read more...]