Sartorial Love/Hate: Turned Up Denim


Jeans are not trousers. No oxymoron this; jeans are jeans and need to be treated as such. Though a little tailoring wouldn’t go amiss, treating jeans like a pair of wool flannels is an aesthetic mistake. Equally, jeans that are treated like an antique polishing rag are also an error. Cutting holes in a ragged pair is as weird and unwelcome as ironing or pleating, but one of the more common foibles of denim wearers, a practice with strong … [Read more...]

The Evolution Of The T-Shirt


An odd title for a post you might think. After all, few things rattle Mensflair readers more than the prevalence of T-shirt wearing.  Understandably we tend to regard devotees of the T-shirt as the sorts that evolution left behind. Now, these last few weeks I took a sartorial sabbatical, owing to a need to a find a new job and prep for an important interview. But, interview over, on Wednesday I got back onside with a preview of British label … [Read more...]

Six Pairs Of Shoes


A new newspaper recently launched in the UK called ‘i’. This is something of a rare event; the last new quality daily national to hit the news stands was 25 years ago. I happened across a copy left on the train the other evening; within the style section was an interesting little piece suggestion that a man only need 6 pairs of shoes, and provided he chose the right six pairs he would be covered all social eventualities, from the casual to … [Read more...]

Rare Moment: Galoshes


There are many laughable items in the Wardrobe that Time Forgot; so many in fact that it would be exhausting to list them here. Contraptions of fashion become amusing when they cease to be practical. However, there are inventions which are unfairly maligned and undeservedly forgotten. Galoshes are such an invention. Though invented in an era when soles were porous, galoshes are as useful today as they ever have been. Whoever gets caught in freak … [Read more...]

Is Classic Style A Myth?

At the end of last week's review of G. Bruce Boyer's Eminently Suitable I suggested that the current relevance of a twenty-year-old style book is evidence that classic style is timeless. This statement unintentionally sparked an interesting debate between two readers. “Dave” argues that classic style is not timeless. He believes that “proportion and silhouette are subject to the trends of the era.” He suggests that what we consider … [Read more...]