Old Favourite: The Shawl Collar Cardigan


There are clothes that keep you warm and then, there are clothes that keep you happy. The shawl-collared cardigan is the latter. In times of extreme temperature, our first thoughts are of comfort; a dark, icy cold weekend inspires little more creativity in us than a well-stacked roaring fire, a pair of velvet slippers and a peaty single malt in a crystal glass the weight of small chest of drawers. We are lazier in such conditions, bearish and … [Read more...]

A Few Accessory Sources


In my last post I mentioned that I was considering both the cravat (Ascot) and a grey wool tie – a must have for the weekend wardrobe. The cost of ties, socks, pocket squares and their like can quickly add up as you try to assemble your look. When you’ve splashed your cash on the big ticket items ignoring those little details, or at least putting off their purchase, is perfectly understandable. And yet the devil is in the detail. Making … [Read more...]

Bespoke Morning Dress Part 3


More than a month ago, my brother put all his eggs into one basket and jumped off the dock. It was an autumn wedding, unusual but not unheard of, and despite being out of season, neither he nor his bride could have asked for a better send-off as they embarked on their new adventure in life, together as man and wife. Without a doubt, the main sartorial focus of the day was the bride – it always is, even when they look like meringue explosions … [Read more...]