‘The Way You Wear Your Hat:’ The Tie Arch


Rumours of the necktie’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Countless predictions of men binning their strips of silk have proven to be inaccurate. When ‘smart dress’ is required, the tie is the first weapon called from the armoury. However, I encounter more and more people who possess handfuls of ties but who profess to be inadequate in tying them properly. A recent conversation with an acquaintance about my preferred method of tying … [Read more...]

Warby Parker: Sneak Peek


I got a sneak peek last week of some great new eyeglass frames from Warby Parker. Warby Parker sells vintage-inspired acetate eyeglasses online for only ninety-five dollars. I personally wear a pair of the Thompson frames in revolver black. Friends call them my Walter Cronkite glasses. Back in July when I reviewed some Warby Parker frames on my blog, A Southern Gentleman, my chief complaint was the fit of the frames. I expected that the big, … [Read more...]

Covering Up For The Ravages Of Time


This is most definitely Black Tie season. Making my way back from the House of Commons to Victoria train station every evening it’s rare not to see chaps scurrying off to one Black Tie event or another. While Black Tie is potentially a man’s greatest ally, the reality is that for every man I see who looks like James Bond I’ll see 20 more who look just plane shabby. The most common fault shared amongst men is the ill fitting Dinner … [Read more...]

Stocking Stuffers: Part II


This is the last of these, in case you were worried there might be a part III. In the previous post I stuck to the formulaic socks, ties and handkerchiefs. These next few suggestions have a little more originality. Albam Horn Accessories:  I’m a big fan of English independent label Albam, I like their philosophy of ‘modern crafted clothing’ and their kit never disappoints. Their horn accessories, which include keyrings, shoehorns, … [Read more...]

The Shirt Jacket


I find it hard to dress for the weekend. For me the work week is easier. Suit and tie. Or trousers, odd jacket and a tie. But what to wear on the weekend? What to wear on those occasions when an odd jacket it too formal? What to wear when running errands or walking the dog? The temptation this time of year is a pair of jeans and a fleece pullover. In the summer it's shorts and a t-shirt. For a long time I have striven to rise above those … [Read more...]