Stocking Stuffers: Part I


Things have gotten a little heated around here lately. Would anybody mind if I talk about clothes? I should apologise in advance to our Jewish, Muslim, Druid and non-faith readers as this article makes reference to the Christian religious celebration of Christmas. No offence meant. I read Andrew Hodges’ post full of useful suggestions for Christmas stocking fillers. Jumping on the bandwagon I thought, for what it’s worth, I’d provide a … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: Black Tie Tartan


The Christmas party season is in full swing and for many gentlemen this means one thing and one thing only; the exquisite pleasure of alcohol consumption on the company’s tab. All those afternoons of pressure and deadlines, those lonely evenings working in an over-lit office till ten o’ clock, the irritating Blackberry ‘bing’ of emails at four in the morning, squeezed into a tuxedo and, fuelled by champagne and vodka, exploding … [Read more...]

On Fashion, Gender, And Society

Right out of the gate I want to make two things clear: First, this is not an indictment of individuals, but of ideas. Second, everyone is entitled to their ideas and beliefs, and I am just expressing my own. I have been troubled by a recent discussion taking place here on Mens Flair regarded the supposed differences inherent between men and women. A fellow columnist asserted, casually no-less, that "women tend to be led, men tend to choose," … [Read more...]

A Tweedy Trend


One of the most gratifying things about reviewing menswear is that the ‘finger on the pulse’, ‘trend alert’, ‘this year’s MUST have’ nonsense that womenswear requires is unnecessary. Reviewing menswear is not about ‘IT’ bags or ‘HOT heels’; it is, broadly speaking, about style and individual taste. Whereas women tend to be led, men tend to choose. Men might wear a fashion ‘thing’ of the moment because their “mate had … [Read more...]

Little Obsessions


It’s a solitary business listening on the radio to England’s cricketers’ battle for the Ashes down-under. In a bid to stay awake in the small hours of the morning I’ve been flicking through my extensive archive of sartorial photos. For the most part these are what you’d expect; sartorialist style photos, look-book shots and the like. And then there are the oddities. Photos of a cuff, a weave of cloth, a button or buckle, all in … [Read more...]