A Case for Fashion Illustration


One evening, I sat down for a drink with a friend and a female acquaintance of his outside one of the many restaurants squashed into the tiny and oddly un-English Heddon Street, just west of the bustle and beeping of Regent Street. After small-talking pleasantries, I asked the acquaintance what she did for a living. “I’m a fashion illustrator, among other things” she said in a politely searching and uncertain manner, which suggested the … [Read more...]

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• Round up of favorite made-to-order shoes at Leffot. (leffot.com) • Experimenting with horizontal stripe shirts. (parisiangentleman.co.uk) • Clothing-wise, churchgoing and horse riding are not that much different. (themidwestyle.com) • The most imitated shirt - candy stripes. (heavytweed.blogspot.com) • Collection of seasonal photos from Tommy Ton. (gentsdresser.blogspot.com) • Probably the best guide to men's … [Read more...]

Forgotten Style Heroes: E Berry Wall


First there was the Dandy; then, there was the Dude. First there were trousers and riding jackets; then, there were thigh high boots and Glen Plaid pantaloons. Although they could not be more stylistically opposed, the Dandy and the Dude do share the taste for rebellion; the former against the unwashed, perfumed and bewigged fashions of fops; the latter against the plain, austere façade of Victorian respectability. But though the Dandy is … [Read more...]

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• A short overview of jacket buttons. (asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com) • Nothing looks sexier than a woman in a man's shirt. (thetrad.blogspot.com) • …Or in a menswear from head to toe. (advancedstyle.blogspot.com) • Exotic leathers in shoes. (the-shoe-snob.blogspot.com) • A visit to Maurice Sedwell on Savile Row. (gentlemansgazette.com) • A new great accessories webshop find: Exquisite Trimmings. … [Read more...]

The Washable Boiled Front Shirt from Darcy Clothing


Anyone who owns a traditional starched dress shirt with a ‘boiled front’ will be familiar with the frustrations that it causes. The discomfort when wearing it is bearable, as is the inconvenience of attaching a collar – although dancefloor exertions have led to many a broken shirt stud – but the real disappointment comes the morning after when the discarded pile of clothing is sorted and you realise the shirt needs a good dry clean. As … [Read more...]