Waisting Away


One of the seemingly contradictory facets of what we like to think of as "classic" or "timeless" style is that it is, like everything after all, subject to the whims of fashion. Yes, yes, most devotees of Men's Flair and similar outlets are not waltzing around in the latest "it color" and reinventing their wardrobe twice a year, but certain things do change over time. The most significant of these is cut. Dinner-plate sized lapels seemed … [Read more...]

The Profundity Of Style


One of the greatest catalysts for the progression of personal style is a growing taste for Art. I find it impossible to isolate my taste in clothing from my taste in almost anything else, a fact which others might find depressing but which I find reassuring; the way I perceive things are, in my opinion, unavoidably interconnected. I remember reading a passage on The Sartorialist advancing eclecticism and denouncing lifestyle escapism – the act … [Read more...]

The Jacket Cardigan


I am a weak willed individual. Having preached the virtue of lists and belt tightening in the January period, last week I went out and purchased something which was neither cheap nor on the list. I know. Shameful. The garment in question that caught my sartorial magpie’s eye was a heavy, thick knitted wool Cardigan Jacket by UK label Jaeger. I suspect if you’re considering thick knits or a jacket substitute you’re most likely … [Read more...]

Japanese Men’s Magazines: Leon vs. Men’s Ex


As a long-standing fan of magazines, and the men’s magazine market in particular, it saddens me to see almost-monthly articles proclaiming their imminent demise. While it’s true that in recent years some titles, such as Maxim and Arena, suffered a swift and merciless end, others have performed comparatively well: between 2002 and 2009 Esquire UK’s circulation held steady at around 60,000 copies per month, and GQ UK’s actually increased by … [Read more...]

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words


I’ve often thought people fall into one of two camps: you’re either stimulated by the visual or stimulated by the literary. For example, my girlfriend devours thrillers; whereas I’ll rarely read a work of fiction and yet I’m a film buff. As the quote says ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ – actually that’s a slight bastardisation of a much disputed quote. But it makes the point; and it couldn’t be more true in my own case. … [Read more...]