All My Bags Are Packed


A couple of weeks ago, I was standing by the old lighthouse at Cape Point, near the southernmost tip of Africa contemplating the wonders of modern travel. Had I lived a century ago, I would have made my journey down to South Africa by steamer – a journey which would have taken two weeks. Air travel may well be a less civilised way to transport oneself from one side of the world to the other – the indignity of airports and being strapped … [Read more...]

We All Need A Little Help


Mensflair attracts a diverse and worldly audience, so where better to ask for advice. Next weekend I’ll be hoofing it over to Rome for a friend’s 30th Birthday Dinner and Party. If things run true to form there’s only a 50/50 chance of getting back in anything approaching good order. But that’s another story – possibly one for a local magistrate. Anyways, I’ve never been to Rome before and naturally I’m rather exited. Though … [Read more...]

Review: Broadland Slippers


I did rather well this Christmas as far as gifts went. But then writing a blog does have its advantages, people have a fair idea of what to buy you. Top of the pile was a pair of dress pumps with flat grosgrain bows from UK based Broadland Slippers, which came courtesy of my girlfriend Westie. These are an acquired taste, but as the name implies Broadland’s speciality are beautiful velvet slippers and house shoes, ranging in design from the … [Read more...]

Style Library [Part 2]

Last week I shared a list of my favorite style books. Following is a list of style books in my library that were not worth the money. Esquire: The Big Black Book. These annuals are really more magazine than a book. I have the same problem with these annuals that I have with Esquire magazine; they are heavy on ads for trendy clothing and light on good advice. It's a shame that the current magazine isn't more like the Esquire of eighty years … [Read more...]

The Best Things In Life Are Free


I don’t know about you but Christmas always leaves me light in the pocket. For many people January means sale time, an excuse to go about acquiring in much the same way they did before Christmas. But for me January and February are a time to show a little restraint, tighten the belt and get my finances in order, part preparation for the new season and those spring/summer items which will go onto the list. However, refusing to spend … [Read more...]