It’s The Season To be…Confused


Image credit: h(y)r Collective Magazine Yet again the Midwest decides to hit me where it hurts. Unless I've slipped into some temporal phenomenon of which I am completely unaware, it is still the middle of February, no? Here in St. Louis though, the mercury decided it was rising, seasons-be-damned, and with mounds of snow still mucking up the gutters it was sunny and over 70 degrees this week. It might have been beautiful, but it was also … [Read more...]

Warby Parker: The 2011 Collection


I wrote back in December that Warby Parker, the online purveyor of vintage-inspired acetate eyeglasses, planned to launch a new collection for 2011. That new collection is now available on their website. The 2011 collection includes fourteen new frame styles and a variety of new colors. Warby Parker sent me a selection of the new frames to inspect ahead of the launch. As a group the collection appears to be bigger and bolder than their … [Read more...]

Interview: Linda Pilkington, Ormond Jayne


With good reason I’ve championed London Perfumier Ormonde Jayne. Not only do I like what they do, I like the way they do it. The scents are original, bold and elegant; it’s one of the few houses to offer Eau de Parfums for men; and everything is made in their London laboratory. What’s more, the business is real enough that you have a good chance of being served by the owner and creator Linda Pilkington. You really can’t say that of most … [Read more...]

The Way, Not The What


The internet is full of product guides; some are great, and some not so much. But, while one group of editors may tell you to pull up your trousers and throw on a blue blazer and another group to tuck those trousers into your boots or grab some fingerless gloves, some things remain the same whichever style you choose. There are the "whats" of dressing - jacket, trouser, shoe, accessory choices, &c. - and then there are the "hows" of dressing … [Read more...]

A Matter Of Weight


In some ways this post follows on from my ‘Notes from Rome’ series, although it’s more a stream of consciousness arising from what I saw. One of the notes of interest from Rome was the prevalence of rubber and Dainite soled footwear, when I’d expected to see elegant, slim Italian leather shoes. I’ve always had my concerns about Blake constructed footwear and its suitability to wet climates. This is the reason I’ve never bothered to … [Read more...]