Sartorial Love/Hate: Pale Denim


“Oh, this would suit you”, “Grey is NOT your colour” and “this is a classic lifestyle look” are the typical phrases the companion chirrups but on this occasion, I happened to overhear a far less generic remark. “Ok jeans. Now, you need new jeans” to which the ‘ringed bull’ nodded obediently as he surveyed the mass of denim on the racks “but NOT these pale jeans, okay? NEVER buy pale denim ever. Urgh. Awful.” There was … [Read more...]

Notes From Rome Part 2


In my last post on Rome I dealt in generalities and impressions, so in this post I’ll cover some specifics. Or more to the point, certain definable items that seemed to be the norm in the Roman males’ wardrobe. Sadly I won’t be covering Italian suiting and business wear. I was there over a weekend so these notes cover the weekend wardrobe. It was my intension to provide you with lots of beautiful photos, but sadly my stay coincided with … [Read more...]

Zips vs Buttons


A Scandinavian friend of mine, as he was enthusiastically scouring the Regent and Oxford Street racks on one of his visits, told me something which, while a common enough assertion, has remained with me ever since; “I really don’t like…what are these called? Zips?” We had been looking at knitwear in COS, Zara and H&M and, though a stickler for detail, I had been comparatively indifferent to the style of fastenings on the jumpers … [Read more...]

Notes from Rome Part 1


Well I made it back from Rome, with fewer brain cells, substantially less money and mercifully no criminal record. Suffice to say a very good time was had by all. Rome is a truly beautiful city, and I could see myself living there for a spell. I expected to see some well dressed people, but what amazed me is just how many well dressed people I saw. Of course it’s easy to discard that which you see every day and fall for the seductive power … [Read more...]

Braces And A Neckerchief


Oscar Wilde once noted that clothes should hang from the shoulder, not from the waist. To that end, I decided last week that I needed to find a quality set of braces to pair with the Corbin trousers that I wrote about in my last article. You may recall that I deleted the belt loops and had buttons added for braces. After doing a little research, I settled on braces from Albert Thurston. That British company has been making and selling braces … [Read more...]