Brolly Stereotypes


The James Smith Whangee “Hey, it’s John Steed!” cries the cabbie gleefully as the James Smith Whangee man climbs into the back seat. Forcing a smile, he cheerily requests his office address, hiding his disdain for a world that increasingly mocks elegance by persistent association with theatrical characters and costume. A self-described ‘old-fashioned’ banker – wealthy private clients, wig-and-quill-pen offices – he is rarely … [Read more...]

All Leather Braces


Credits: Old Town Clothing;; Hackett An unusual topic for a post you might think, and I would scarcely disagree. But it’s funny the things that ferment away in the back of your mind over the weeks, months and even years. This is just such an example. You see, a few years ago I was flicking through the TV channels on a wet Sunday afternoon when I came across an old American black and white movie. Sadly I can’t … [Read more...]

A Stylish Movie: Bonnie and Clyde


Bonnie and Clyde (1967) stars Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker, a bored small-town girl, and Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow, a small-time ex-con. The movie romanticizes the couple's string of bank robberies that made newspaper headlines and caught the imagination of the Depression-era public. Faye Dunaway is lovely in pencil skirts, berets and silk scarves. Warren Beatty is equally stylish in double-breasted suits, vests, spectator shoes and hats. … [Read more...]

Sweaters: The Crew Or The V?


[A massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan just as I finished writing this article. Even in Tokyo the tremors were huge, and thousands of people in the north east of the country have been made homeless. If you were planning on buying something fancy this month, please make a donation to the Red Cross or Salvation Army instead.] Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of sweaters. In fact, I’ve now reached the point where I’ll have to … [Read more...]

In The Fishbowl With Carreducker


Oh does it feel good to be back in London. It's been quite a few months, but last time I was here I profiled James Ducker of Carréducker shoes. This time I thought I would drop in on him at their new digs at No.1 Savile Row, inside Gieves & Hawkes. Because of construction, I turned the corner from Savile Row to use the Vigo street entrance, and was immediately surprised to see they've smacked James' face right on the door. This … [Read more...]