Cad & The Dandy Bespoke: Coming of Age


Last year I had a suit made by Cad & The Dandy Bespoke. A blue chalk stripe English wool flannel, it was my first full bespoke venture having already sampled their earlier, and still excellent, made-to-measure service. James Sleater, co-founder of Cad & The Dandy, was very keen for me to begin wearing it on completion, as was I; unfortunately, London was in the middle of a summer heatwave and the idea of wearing a wool suit in a sweaty … [Read more...]

Summer List Pt 2: Two Tone Penny Loafers


Away from the office my normal summer attire consists of chinos, white oxford button down shirts and deck shoes. Should I wish to dress these basic items up I simply add a navy, cotton, soft shoulder, buggy lined jacket. On the one hand my choices are the pinnacle of simplicity, humdrum you might say. On the other hand, given the tatty t-shirt and shorts wearing age we inhabit, you could think of it as being relatively formal – it certainly … [Read more...]

Carry On


Women, in the States at least, are blessed with the functional advantage of it being socially acceptable to carry a handbag. Now that's not to say I haven't been known from time to time to take a small briefcase places where business is the last thing on my mind, but there you have it. Generally when most gents leave the house, they need some combination of phone, cards, cash, and keys. Other paraphernalia for a leisurely life, such as pens, … [Read more...]

The Summer List: Sunglasses


Yes, I’m banging on about lists again. You see, the last few years I’ve had less disposable income than at any other time in my working life, but I’ve acquired more clothes, of better quality and more complementary to one another than at any other time; all by virtue of taking the time to compile my little lists. It may not feel like it but summer is on its way. Naturally I’ve begun to compile my list of summer essentials. Whether … [Read more...]

The Versatility Of The Navy Blazer


If you’re a young chap in your twenties you might very well be slowly working your way up the corporate ladder. If so, chances are you’re in the process of acquiring a decent, respectable work wardrobe. You’ve probably already got at least one navy and a couple of grey suits, and if you’ve followed the advice given by my fellow Men’s Flair columnists you’ll have invested in a few pairs of shoes (black and brown) as well. But have you … [Read more...]