In Memoriam: Bijan Pakzad


A friend of mine attempted poignancy recently when we were discussing the passing of Bijan Pakzad. “Who?” he said, initially. After my brief explanation of the Iranian designer’s illustrious past, he scoffed in an amused fashion and declared with remarkable confidence; “With his passing, you will see the passing of his entire approach to selling fashion.” It is true that Bijan’s approach to style was nakedly materialistic and as … [Read more...]

A New Look To No 1 Savile Row


No 1. Savile Row is of course the home of illustrious tailors Gieves & Hawks. I happened to be invited to the recently refurbished shop and preview of the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. While said collection has some lovely pieces, not least a number of beautiful windowpane check suits and jackets, I spent the majority of my evening in the charming company of the two distinguished gentlemen below. On the left is Mr Peter Tilley the … [Read more...]

The Last Pocket Squared King of England


The unfortunate treatment of the upcoming Royal wedding has not been dissimilar to the modern treatment of the festival of Christmas; a glut of early enthusiasm, premature irritation due to over-exposure and a likely feeling of exhaustion when the important moment arrives. The Royal couple have not even begun their individual journeys to the church and yet the ‘congregation at large’ – the television-watching masses – are bored by the … [Read more...]

Menswear Shopping In Tokyo


If there’s one thing that Tokyo does better than any other city in the world it is the shopping experience. New York, London and Paris are all great, but nowhere will you find the same amount of stores, nor the same variety, as you will in Japan’s largest city. Of course, like any other big city the majority of fashion retail space is dedicated to women’s clothes, but menswear has a great showing. If you’re in Tokyo for a few days, … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Southern-Style Hat


I see that you are a connoisseur of Southern-style clothing. I have a very important question that has been causing quite a stir lately and I would like your opinion on it. I'm the President of a marching band in Covington, LA (about thirty miles away from New Orleans), and our band is very famous in our area, especially during Mardi Gras as we march in six parades, three of which are in New Orleans. What makes us so famous is our style of … [Read more...]