Archer Adams: Revisited


The weather here in London has been nothing short of glorious, and for the first time since Christmas 2010 I’ve managed to get a week off from all my various jobs. Having been deskbound for the last 5 months this was an ideal opportunity to make a few visits. It just so happens my girlfriend also secured a weeks holiday, something we’ve not managed since said Christmas. And yet by some deft verbal footwork on my part I was slipped for … [Read more...]

Made To Measure Suiting at Stephan Shirts: Part 2


Erlend Norby In the first part I explained why I’d selected Erlend at Stephan Shirts to make my suit, and why I thought it was a cut above normal Made-to-Measure. In this posting I’ll show you what I decided to have made, and explain why. In some ways selecting a tailor is the easy part. Deciding what to have made is a far more daunting prospect, particularly if your pockets aren’t deep enough to make this a regular occurrence. With … [Read more...]

The Return of The Tie Clip


There are few items of jewellery that a man can get away with wearing in the workplace. A watch, a pair of cufflinks, a belt and a wedding ring are all fine, of course; but extra rings, necklaces and bracelets are often a step too far. There is, however, one oft-overlooked accessory that's both perfectly suitable for work and highly practical: the tie clip. The tie clip's rise and fall is inextricably linked to the history of the tie itself. … [Read more...]

Made To Measure Suiting at Stephan Shirts: Part 1


I’ve praised Stephan Shirts on this website and BespokeMe for the last few years now – and justly so. Quite simply they make a great product to a great standard and charge a fair price for it – the Holy Grail in clothing terms. When Erlend Norby took over the running of this family business he came with years of experience and training as a Savile Row Cutter. The aim was to continue serving a loyal client base with fine, fairly priced … [Read more...]

The Dress-Down Friday


Credit: Pete Souza It is said there are two types of men; those who look forward to dress-down-Friday, and those who dread dress-down-Friday. The former encapsulates all the slovenly, tie-off-as-soon-as-I-leave-the-office, ‘Beer is Life’, ‘cool clothes’ loving office-misfits – the man who should be a surfer but ended up as an account manager. He doesn’t want to be in an office and, barring his efficiency, the office rarely welcomes … [Read more...]