Short Words From Mr Ford


I was happy to bear witness to a miracle recently: An entire weekend of 20º+ sunshine. In London. In April. Though the evenings were reassuringly chilly, the sunshine hours were bizarrely beautiful – cloudless and very, very warm. Having recently unpacked my spring/summer wardrobe, I decided to mark this doubtlessly transitory moment of delight by striding out gleefully in a pair of tailored shorts. Unfortunately, I got the … [Read more...]

Swaine Adeney Brigg Document Case


My lovely and generous wife gave me this beautiful Swaine Adeney Brigg document case for my 40th birthday. After much anticipation, it finally arrived last week (my birthday was in December). London's Swaine Adeney Brigg has been a celebrated maker of equestrian and leather goods since 1750. The company is a Royal Warrant Holder appointed as “Whip and Glovemakers” to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and “Suppliers of Umbrellas” to … [Read more...]

Springtime Neckwear


As the sun breaks through my window, and the breeze carries the unmistakable spring-fresh air into the room, I am suddenly compelled to remove the woolly burgundy tie from my ensemble and rifle through my tie drawers for a suitable replacement. Settling on a madras, I tied it in the mirror, smiling in the brilliant light. Despite the fact that this seasonal tease was short-lived (it simply poured for the rest of the day), the sunshine had called … [Read more...]

Paul Stuart Phineas Cole Spring 2011


A year ago, my fellow columnist Stephen Pulvirent wrote an interesting piece about Phineas Cole, the fictional ‘errant son’ of the Paul Stuart brand; a jet-setting dandy with a penchant for plaid ties, unmatched pocket squares and loud(ish) suits. A year on and young Phineas is still as delightfully affected and alternative. The new spring collection (pictured above) is a powerful advancement of arguments for pattern mixing, colour … [Read more...]

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


These beautiful boots are the latest edition to my wardrobe. You may be thinking this is the wrong time of year to acquire boots, but here in England it’s been known to snow during Wimbledon fortnight. Living in the upper portions of the northern hemisphere anytime is a good time to acquire a pair of boots. Called the Froswick, they’re a long-wing brogue featuring high grade calf leather with a natural edge and storm welted sole. Ideally … [Read more...]