Sartorial Love/Hate: The T-Shirt And Scarf


One of the favourite pastimes of the English is to mock those we consider, euphemistically speaking, ‘inappropriately attired.’ This ranges from light taunting and regional stereotyping to harsher critiques about upbringing and class; though it is all perceived to be harmless – considering the superficiality of dress – the latter provokes tension and discomfort and can sometimes be unfairly discriminatory. The former type, thankfully, … [Read more...]

An Alternative View of Style


This is a slightly different article to the one I’d intended to write. Originally I was going to highlight a rather unfortunate, and extremely irritating, problem with new online retailer Mr Porter. However, on the brink of having to take them to Court they did what they should have done in the first place and all is now well. Come on guys. It was a credit to a photo, I wasn’t asking you to splice DNA together! But it got me thinking. We … [Read more...]