Mode Rage: Trainers with Suits


In terms of style, I like to believe I am a tolerant, open-minded chap. Individuality and invention are important and splendid; without them, the world would be a dull, uniform place. There are however some curiosities, some bizarre and incongruous trends which I cannot understand and which I cannot help but believe the world would be better off without. Who on earth first thought of pairing a suit with training shoes? It is an aesthetic … [Read more...]

How Important is Heritage?


The jumper pictured above was hand-knitted on Inis Mor, the largest of the Irish Aran islands. It was made from locally-sourced wool; wool which has been woven by islanders for generations. Each jumper takes approximately one week to make, and in order to receive the Aran Seal must be entirely hand-crafted by the same person. Spot any problems with the paragraph above? As well as lacking a suitably jolly Gaelic folk backing tune and narration … [Read more...]

A Few New Season Trends


Having been to a few collection previews for AW/11 I thought I’d highlight a few trends I’ve picked up on. Ironically, just as I’ve ordered a windowpane check suit it seems they’re back in vogue, excellent timing or an irritation depending on your point of view. While the pattern on my suit is a relatively subtle one, it seems big and bold are the dominant trends. This also extends to chalk stripe suits, over pinstripe, which is … [Read more...]

The Way You Wear Your Hat: The Messy Bow Tie


“Thank Doctor Who” a friend said scornfully as we wandered around TopMan, slack-jawed at the mass of teenage bow-tie aficionados strutting around the store with their Bieber-fringes, check shirts and turned-up denim. The only problem was that their ‘I don’t give a damn but I am a dandy’ aesthetic was let down by the uniform neatness of their bows; hardly surprising given that all were clip-ons. Tying a bow tie is an art, not an exact … [Read more...]

A Stylish Movie: Diner


Diner (1982) is a dark and melancholy look into the lives of a group of buddies struggling with the transition to adulthood in 1959 Baltimore. Eddie (Steve Guttenberg) threatens to call off the wedding if his fiancee can't pass his elaborate football quiz. Shrevie (Daniel Stern) fights with his young wife about the organization of his record collection. Billy (Tim Daly) has a pregnant girlfriend who refuses to marry him. Boogie (Mickey Rourke) is … [Read more...]