Made in Britain


Once you’re on the radar of the PR companies you’re apt to get inundated with invites to new season collections, and this is AW11 preview time. I do accept the odd one or two connected to labels that interest me or from whom I buy stuff. That to me seems reasonable, and doesn’t compromise my independence. Perhaps the most significant trend I’ve spotted, and one I sincerely hope outlasts a mere season, is the prevalence of ‘Made in … [Read more...]

A Study in Patience and Craft: Interview with Adam Atkinson of CHERCHBI


A while ago I highlighted Adam Atkinson and his range of British made bags comprising a unique cloth made from the wool of the ancient rare-breed Herdwick sheep. Patented as Herdwyck No.10, the cloth is the product of 3 years trial and error. While Adam and his business are currently based up in Kendal (home of the mint cake), on his most recent visit to London I caught up with Adam to discuss his bags, business and Herdwyck No.10. It also … [Read more...]

Summer in Tokyo: Staying Smart While Staying Cool

summer wear in tokyo

There's been a distinct upturn in temperature here in Tokyo over the past week or so, signalling the coming of the (often not so) rainy season and seemingly endless days of 30-degree temperatures and high humidity. Usually summer heat is mitigated by frosty blasts from office air conditioners, but this year is set to be somewhat different. March's earthquake knocked out a considerable number of power stations that supply the Greater Tokyo area, … [Read more...]

Starting Over


Through a much improved diet and increased exercise I have managed to lose about thirty pounds in the last eight weeks.  I am in better shape now at age forty than I was at any time in my thirties.  I plan to lose an additional fifteen pounds in the coming weeks.  That will put me back where I was when I graduated from college fifteen years ago.  While this has been great for my health, my energy level, and my self esteem, it has been brutal … [Read more...]

The Enduring Appeal of Gatsby


When I heard a new screen version of The Great Gatsby was being planned, I rolled my eyes and tutted audibly. As a Fitzgerald flag-waver, I was not only frustrated by the continued avoidance of his other fine works but was also grieved that Baz Luhrmann was at the helm. As much as I enjoyed his production of Romeo & Juliet and admired his eccentric Moulin Rouge, I loathed Australia and the crucial issue with any production of … [Read more...]