Catching Up With Old Friends and Making New Ones


Aside from meeting Mr Andrew Brett and Archivist Peter Tilley on my recent visit to Gieves & Hawkes I also caught up with Deborah Carré and James Ducker. James and Deborah (a regular reader of Mensflair) together form Carréducker Shoes and are old friends of Mensflair. Several MF columnists have met up with Deborah and James and I featured them way back in April 2010. While all bespoke shoemakers are to a degree governed by their … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: The Sockless Loafer


One of the most interesting criticisms I received recently was that my practice of wearing loafers without socks was nothing short of “disgusting.” The most amusing point about the delivery was that it was delivered by a friendly gaggle of females who thought nothing of imparting such a critique whilst slipping their own uncovered heels in and out of their ballet pumps. “You should wear socks” one of them nodded, patronisingly … [Read more...]

One to Watch: Private White VC


To call Private White V.C. a new British brand would overlook the fact that the company behind it have been manufacturing clothes in England for over a century. Better known to those in the clothing trade as Cooper & Stollbrand, this Manchester based company already has an enviable reputation for manufacturing hand crafted clothing for the likes of Dubarry and Paul Smith as well as new comers like Albam. With this pedigree on their side … [Read more...]